moors bar and theatre

Moors Bar & Theatre, Crouch End
Moors Bar & Theatre, Crouch End
Moors Bar & Theatre, Crouch End

Moors Bar and Theatre

Moors Bar is a drinking establishment in trendy Crouch End Broadway, favoured by the area's local celebrities. Known already for its colourfully themed parties, in spring 2013 owner Andy James decided to expand the venue’s potential. As an acclaimed actor himself with strong links within the industry he decided to use his bar to start the first fringe theatre in Crouch End.

Since then, a combination of external productions and new work from the in-house writer, Seth Jones, has been performed and achieved impressive success. Of ‘Reality’, a 2012 play, the Hornsey Journal wrote that Jones had produced, ‘An original, thought-provoking and engaging study of this challenging subject.’

This year we can look forward to more original work from the company, Pot-Kettle-Black productions, as well as external shows. James hopes these will be given the opportunity at Moors to be developed and taken out on tour or transferred to bigger venues. Quite often children’s performances are featured as well as Moors’ regular Feast on Film and Blues and Soul Jam Nights.

In 2013, Greene & Co. entered into a partnership with the theatre to help support this blossoming cultural gem, and to increase local Crouch Enders’ awareness of its events.

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