Clive Court

Clive Court, Maida Vale
Clive Court, Maida Vale
Clive Court, Maida Vale

We know Clive Court

Built between 1922 and 1923 Clive Court was one of Maida Vale’s later mansion blocks. Occupied by 1925, the mansion block was originally called ‘Clyve Court’.

Following its completion, nearly all of the west side of Maida Vale between Blomfield Road and Sutherland Avenue was transformed into a continental style boulevard, giving the Clive Court part of Maida Vale the appearance of a high class residential quarter of Paris.

Mentioned in both the famous The Buildings of England series and the prestigious Victoria County History, Clive Court is described as ‘Edwardian in style’ and ‘ornate’.

Originally Clive Court comprised of not only self-contained flats but also a restaurant for the use of the residents. The whole of the 7th floor contained a large dining hall and kitchen together with a lounge, ‘crush hall’ and cloakrooms.

It also had staff quarters including a ‘manageress’ room complete with bath and WC, two ‘china pantries’, and a ‘vegetables room’, groceries room, and ‘phone and orders’ room.

The developers may have been thinking of letting the general public into the restaurant but this was challenged by the local council. This arrangement of the 7th floor was not destined to last for very long and by 1939 there were already three self-contained flats on the 7th floor with plans for three or four more, resulting in a much smaller dining hall and kitchen.

In 1947 there were plans to convert the kitchen into a snack bar and an ever smaller kitchen.

The final transformation of the 7th floor came in the 1950s. In 1951 the kitchen finally gave way to two self-contained flats. And what was left of the dining room was turned into a bedsit. In 1953 came plans to convert the bedsits in the north-west corner of the 7th floor, and 1955 saw plans for two new flats for the 7th floor, with another in 1958, and three more in 1959.

Another original feature was that the 8th, or top floor of Clive Court was built just with self-contained bedrooms instead of flats. There were 15 bedrooms in all, each with basins, cupboards and nothing else. There were four separate bathrooms on the 8th floor, two with self-contained WCs and two with one WC in the room. Changes to the 7th and 8th floors continued beyond the 1950s with 1987 alterations and then more additions in 1989.

The general increase in car ownership from the 1950s is reflected in Clive Court by a 1954 plan for new garages. In Maida Vale itself, there was a large increase in cars in the late 1980s with a consequent lack of parking spaces. This resulted in car parking modifications to Clive Court to include 21 extra parking spaces.

There has been little mention of Clive Court in any historical records since the 1950s yet one thing is certain. Today, Clive Court is one of the most well-located blocks in all of Maida Vale benefiting from a large selection of nearby trendy shops, cafes, bars and stylish wine bars.

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