Castellain Mansions

Castellain Mansions, Maida Vale
Castellain Mansions, Maida Vale
Castellain Mansions, Maida Vale

We know Castellain Mansions

Mansion blocks did not arrive in Maida Vale until just before the turn of the century but following the construction of Lauderdale Mansions in 1897 the area welcomed a flurry of developments in an incredibly busy decade. As part of this wave Carlton Mansions East was built between 1901 and 1902 in order to be occupied by 1903.

The mansion blocks now line both sides of a large section of Castellain Road, which runs alongside Paddington Sports Club and Squash Courts down to Warwick Avenue Underground Station. Castellain Mansions West was erected at some point after 1910, but the exact date is unknown. The different eras the blocks were made in can clearly be seen in the difference in brickwork between the east and west sides.

Like most of the mansion blocks in Maida Vale, the Castellain Mansions did not go untouched by the destruction of the Blitz. Although there are no obvious physical scars to the blocks externally, some of the older residents remember everyone having to dive for cover during attacks. Castellain Road is also not far off from Warrington Crescent, where a bomb caused unprecedented damage. The king and queen came in support of the community after four houses had been destroyed and nearly
140 affected.

In 1981 the Church Commissioners, due to foolish financial speculation, had to sell the entire Maida Vale estate, offering tenants a 20% discount on the assessed market value of their flats. The residents took up this offer and set up their own Board of Directors, which still exists, but whose members have changed over the years and who are separated into east and west.

From the 1980s the residents of Castellain Mansions have shown their pride in the block through the large number of improvements made, which is perhaps more than for any other mansion block in the immediate area.

Since the mansion blocks were first built, the demand for Maida Vale mansion blocks has skyrocketed, and Castellain has seen its fair share of famous residents over the years, including comedian Victoria Wood and one of the guitarists from heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

Today, consisting of 240 apartments, Castellain Mansions are amongst the most sought after blocks in the area. The block has a feeling of luxury throughout as well as benefiting from a large selection of nearby trendy shops, cafes, bars and stylish wine bars.

Castellain Mansions were named after Castellain Road, which runs along the block’s north east side. Ashworth, Biddulph, Castellain and Delaware Roads were named as such because when they were built the developers of the Paddington Estate, the Paddington Trustees and the Church Commissioners wanted the initials of the street names to run alphabetically. The lower half of Castellain Road had been built by 1869 but until 1879 it was called Warwick Road North.

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