charity of the year

Greene & Co. are very proud of their philanthropic pursuits. In addition to the many charity events we support through sponsorship, we also choose a specific charity each year for which to raise money and awareness.


Charity of the Year 2017 – Cancer Research UK

Real people and real stories are at the heart of Cancer Research UK's campaigns. Their aim is to give a truthful insight into the lives of those affected by cancer and show the impact their research has on the lives of cancer patients today.

Cancer Research UK holds hundreds of events and campaigns each year to help raise funds for their cancer research and awareness. Race for Life, Stand Up To Cancer and World Cancer Day are some of their biggest fundraisers.

Cancer Research UK are working to beat cancer right now, but still need your support to continue life saving research.

In 2017, Greene & Co. are proud to announce that Cancer Research UK is our Charity of they Year and we aim to raise over £10,000.


Charity of the Year 2016 – Barnardo's

Barnardo’s is a UK children’s charity. Their mission is to help the most vulnerable children and young people transform their lives and fulfill their potential. Their vision is that all children should be free from poverty, abuse and discrimination. 

Barnardo’s run more than 900 community-based projects across the UK and the work is funded by a combination of funds from the Government and Local Authorities, and generous donations from Major Donors, Trusts and Foundations, Corporate Partners and individuals. 

Last year Barnardo’s transformed the lives of more than 200,000 children, young people and their families. With the right help, committed support and education, they believe that even the most disadvantaged children and young people can turn their lives around and go on to have a fulfilled future.

Greene & Co. were proud supporters of Barnardo's as the Charity of the Year for 2016 and helped fund their efforts to transform more young lives.

COSMIC - Children of St. Mary

Charity of the Year 2015 – COSMIC

COSMIC (Children of St Mary’s Intensive Care), supports the children’s intensive care unit at St Mary’s Hospital in London by helping patients and their families, and enabling their dedicated team to treat hundreds of critically ill children each year.

To support these children and families during the hardest of times, COSMIC help by purchasing vital equipment, providing parent accommodation, supporting training for medical professionals, and fund internationally significant research into life-threatening childhood diseases.

So far COSMIC has purchased over £1.2million worth of life saving equipment and has spent over £1.3million on ground breaking research.

Greene & Co.'s fundraising efforts in 2015 helped the unit to double their size so that even more children can get life-saving treatment.

Teenage Cancer Trust - A charity devoted to improving the lives of teenagers and young adults with cancer

Charity of the Year 2014 – Teenage Cancer Trust

Over the past 21 years Teenage Cancer Trust has learned a lot about what it’s like to be a young person with cancer. Because Teenage Cancer Trust understands their unique emotional, physical and practical needs, they can provide better care, better services and hopefully a more positive outcome for young people.

Around seven young people aged between 13 and 24 are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK. They need expert treatment and support from the moment they hear the word ‘cancer.’ Teenage Cancer Trust are the only charity dedicated to making this happen.

Without the work of Teenage Cancer Trust, young people with cancer would be treated alongside children or elderly patients at the end of their lives. There’s never a good time to get cancer, but with your help we can make a difference to the young person affected by it.

We are extremely proud to have raised the total of £34,945.40 throughout the 2014.

Rays of Sunshine

Charity of The Year 2013 – Rays of Sunshine

Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity was formed in 2004 to help children who are living with serious or life-limiting illnesses between the ages of 3-18, across the United Kingdom.

They believe that every child deserves to experience happiness and put their illness on hold – even if it is just for one day. Their vision is to make wishes come true, however impossible the wish may seem, and turn them in to happy memories by:

  1. Granting children’s individual wishes
  2. Granting hospital ward wishes
  3. Organising events and outings for large groups of seriously ill children, such as a trip to Legoland and the Rays of Sunshine Concert

With the help and support of our community, Greene & Co. were able to fundraise for Rays of Sunshine and turn many more wishes into happy memories.



Charity of the Year 2012 – The 3Cs

Crohn’s & Colitis in Childhood, The 3Cs, was formed over 20 years ago by a committee of parents with a child or children suffering from Crohn’s or colitis. The charity works closely with the research teams to ensure that monies donated can bring real benefits to those suffering from these two incurable complaints.

Both are chronic conditions that cause inflammation of the lining of the digestive system and can lead to a narrowing or blockages in the colon which require surgery. About 80% of sufferers require surgery at some point. For children, the disease can be both debilitating and embarrassing. Fatigue and lethargy make can lead to weeks off school at critical times, thus affecting the whole school life of a child.

In 2012 we co-organised the YMCA Crouch End Fun Run Festival and a Golf Day, following the success of these events the year before.

Action Duchenne


Charity of the Year 2011 - Action Duchenne

Action Duchenne is fighting for a cure for muscular dystrophy. They promote awareness, raise funds and offer a community of support for patients and parents.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a heart-breaking disease. Children, mostly boys, begin to see their muscles waste away and families struggle to cope with the diagnosis and day-to-day management of this condition. Young men die in their late teens or are left wheelchair bound and unable to move unaided. 

Action Duchenne focusses on four areas: cure, influence, empowerment and improvement.

The hope for families lies in new treatments that can slow or stop DMD in its tracks.

Grief Encounter Project

Charity of the Year 2010 - Grief Encounter

Grief Encounter support bereaved children and their families during their time of need. Grief Encounter aims to help and support each person with an individual approach offering a flexible and accessible bereavement service which professionally listens and understands, cares and responds to the needs of each service user.

"We were so proud to be chosen as Greene & Co. charity of the year. I will never forget David's phone call. More than that, you did not just expect us to do all the work. As a charity without huge access to resources, the help you gave us with the back-end was enourmously appreciated. It did show us how hard fundraising is, no matter what the cause, but despite all the odds you raised your target. For the kids especially, where their own friends find it so hard to understand what it is like living without a Mum or Dad, they gain great confidence from others also bereaved. So a heartfelt thank you from us all."

Shelley Gilbret – CEO Grief Encounter

Fight for Life - Fighting Children


Charity of the Year 2009 - Fight for Life

Fight for Life children's cancer charity is committed to raising substantial funds each year to maintain the Radiotherapy Unit treating children at the new University College Hospital on Marylebone Road, London.

This unit services all of Great Ormond Street's radiotherapy needs and is the primary paediatric radiotherapy unit in the south-east of England. Since FFL began in 1997, they have purchased their very own Radiotherapy Linear Accelerator machine, a PET/CT Scanner and maintain a wonderful Children's Play Area which is regularly updated with toys and equipment.

The play area and their wonderful play therapist help to make the unit and the treatment much more 'kid friendly' and much less scary. In 2009 Greene & Co. set a target of £10,000, donated £5,000 of our own money, plus spend an additional £3,000 on hosting events, branding, joint promotion and prizes.

Project Butterfly at Marie Curie Hospice


Charity of the Year 2008 - Project Butterfly

Greene & Co. raised £3,400 for the refurbishment of the Marie Curie Hospice in Hampstead by hosting a Crouch End Fun Day on Sunday 13th July. The major event of the day was a Twenty20 Charity Cricket Match between the Greene & Co. Allstars and the Hornsey Cricket Club.

The Twenty20 cricket match was won (not surprisingly) by the Hornsey Cricket Club with MD of Greene & Co. David Pollock commenting, “Let’s be grateful that we are better at selling houses and raising money for charity than we are at playing cricket!” Even with the help of Eastenders Mohammad George (who plays Gus) on the estate agents team, Greene & Co. could not defeat the local cricket club!

£1,700 of the funds raised on the day was through raffle tickets and generous donations. The remaining £1,700 was a donation matched by Greene & Co. £16,952 was raised in total.

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