Tudor Close

Tudor Close brochure, Belsize Park
Tudor Close, Belsize Park
Tudor Close, Belsize Park

We know Tudor Close

The two parallel enclosures of Tudor Close were built in 1935 by Frank, William and Alfred Griggs. Griggs & Son Limited had cut their teeth on building theatres for the renowned Astoria Group and had no difficulties in taking their vision and verve out of the West End and into North West London.

Indeed, the mansion blocks were described as a ‘triumph of Tudor-esque architecture’. There are certain things that have a seemingly timeless quality about them.

Take this advertisement from property and development company Bell Estates. ‘Tudor Close, Belsize Avenue, Hampstead. Beautiful secluded position only two minutes from Belsize Park Tube Station. 3 types: one reception, 2–4 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom. Letting offices on all sites open daily, including weekends, from 10 a.m. till 7.30 p.m. or later by appointment. Call and inspect show flats today. Brochures on request to: Publicity Dept, Bell Modern Flats, 115, Park Street, Mayfair, London W1.’

Now you could have feasibly read that in yesterday’s property supplement. But if we put in a couple of additional details – such as the rent, ‘from £150 - £210 p.a.’, and the telephone number to call – ‘Mayfair 4201’ – then you’ll see that we are back in the 1930s, when Tudor Close was originally constructed. Promotional descriptions may not have changed much but prices and telephone numbers certainly have!

And could we imagine the following piece of property marketing? The language may be a tad antiquated but you could almost see Kirstie Allsop standing up and delivering a little monologue along these lines.

‘How much of Happiness depends on Your Surroundings?

Psychologists say that a pleasant environment is essential To complete happiness. How much happiness, then, are you missing for lack of beautiful, restful surroundings? May we point out that one of the pre-eminent features of every Bell Estates building is its happily-chosen position, which must add to your happiness. This is just one example of the careful planning that makes Bell modern flats so delightful to live in.

It goes without saying that there are many other factors that have played their part in making our flats pre-eminent in luxury, charm, dignity and convenience.’

The Happiness-Surroundings equation is one most people would subscribe to and for all its historical cues – the Tudor Close moniker, blocks named after famous Tudor figures such as Cranmer and Latimer, the architectural nod with its vague Tudor styling and elegant fish-scale roof-tiles – Tudor Close really did represent the very latest in apartment living and as such must have made for some very happy residents.

Eighty years on and the buildings may now have a more legitimate claim to genuine historic qualities – but the happiness quotient remains high.

The Property Ombudsman